Our Conclusion:

The Best Combination:

The Combination of NORMAL soil and DISTILLED water was the best. Since we had transplanted seedlings and not an actual young plant, the seed leaves were still intact. After a few days, when the seed leaves have fallen off, the plant with said combination grew the best as the soil was naturally fertilised and hence provided the plant with sufficient nutrients to survive. The distilled water was not actually the best kind of water, but sort of the least worst. 


Distilled Water:

Distilled Water is pure water, like it is pure H₂O. Distilled Water does not have any essential nutrients for plant growth, however it also does not have any chemicals or substances that would cause the plant to die.

Tap Water:

Tap Water does not contain any substances that would cause a plant to die, however it does contain nutrients for plant growth, but a bit too much, that is. The nutrients in tap water were too concentrated for the seedling (at the point where its seed leaves have fallen off), and hence we sort-of overfed the plant.

Rain Water
Rain Water is acidic thus making when the plant takes in too much it will kill the plants

Boiled water
When water is boiled most of the nutrients, chemicals and bacterias in the water is taken out thus the plant has lesser nutrients to take in.

Sea water
Sea water has too much salt in it thus killing the plant.

Carbonated water
When carbon molecules are alone by itself, it turns into salt, thus killing the plants.

Normal Soil
Normal soil holds the best balance between natural substances and mineral substances.
The natural substances which are present in this soil help it in holding its structure and value. An ideal plant base.

Sand is a particle of soil ranging between 0.05 and 2.0 mm in
diameter. Thus water goes through sand easily making the plant harder for it to absorb the water

Cloth is a pliable material made usually by weaving, felting, or knitting natural or synthetic fibers and filaments. They are super absorbent, hence allowing plants to possibly grow well.
However as we soon found out that the plant had a hard time grappling onto the clothes as well not allowing it to grow very well.

Hydrogels are a kind of polymer, meaning that their molecules are in long chains. They absorb large amounts of water and slowly distribute water to the plant.Plant could not plant itself firmly into the hydrogel thus it is sort of floating in it.

Rock is usually defined as a mixture of common minerals. Rocks can be hard or soft, as small as a grain or as large as a building. Although they are not absorbent, they allow plant roots to twine around them.Same result as sand, plants have difficulty taking in water as the water seeped deep into the pot.

Clay is a natural rock or soil grounded into fine grains which combines. Clays are considered plastics due to their high water content which become hard, brittle and nonplastic upon drying or firing.As the clay was too hard, Plants have difficulties grappling and rooting itself in so none of the plants planted in clay grew at all or was dead.

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