It is to see which combination of plant base and water type allows green bean to grow the fastest. This will help in the agricultural aspect of growing crops very fast thus producing more yield.
We are using
  • Sand    (Sand is a particle of soil ranging between 0.05mm and 2.0mm in diameter.)
  • Soil  (Normal soil holds the best balance between natural substances and mineral substances the natural substances which are present in this soil help it in holding its structure and value)
  • Pebble  (Rocks are usually defined as a mixture of common minerals. Rocks can be hard or soft, as small as a grain or as big as buildings. Although they are not absorbent. They allow plant roots to twine around them.)
  • Cloth  (Cloth is a pliable material made usually made by weaving, felting or knitting natural or synthetic fibers and and filaments. They are super absorbent, hence allowing plants to possibly grow well
  • Clay   (Clay is a natural rock or soil grounded into fine grains which combines. Clays are considered plastics due to their high water content which became hard, brittle and non-plastic upon drying or firing.)
  • Polymerballs   (Polymer balls are kind of polymer, meaning that the molecules are in long chains. They absorb large amounts of water of water

  • Rainwater  (Rain Water is much more nutritious than other kinds of water, this is because it has molecules consisting of nitrogen. Nitrogen oxide comes from lighting. Hence, Rainwater from thunderstorms are usually the most nutritious.)
  • Boiled water  (Boiled water would not affect the minerals in the water except killing the micro organisms and the minerals will become more concentrated due to evaporation
  • Sea water    (The most abundant ions in seawater are: chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium and bicarbonate. These ions, along with the hydrogen and oxygen of water, make up 99.9% of the components of seawater. Taken as a whole, these ions make up the salinity of seawater, which is 3.7% by weight.)
  • Carbonated Water'    (Gassy water is pressurized Carbon Dioxide Gas dissolved in water. Carbon Dioxide is a key to plant development, and this water might be able to increase plant growth as it has Carbon Dioxide in it.)
  • Tap Water     (
    These are common contents in tap water, according to said website  : freshlysqueezedwater
  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine
  • Trihalomethanes(THMS)
  • Salts of:
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Barium
    • Hormones
    • Nitrates
    • Pesticide
    • Liquified chlorine
    • Fluorosilicic acid
    • Aluminum sulphate
    • Calcium hydroxide
    • Sodium silicofluoride

  • Distilled water   (Distilled water is basically pure water, which is evaporated and then condensed. Deionized water is similar to distilled water.)

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