1. The independent variable(s):
    • Type of Water
    • Tap Water
    • Boiled Water
    • Salt Water
    • Carbonated Water
    • Distilled Water
    • Rain Water

    • Type of Plant Base
    • Soil
    • Sand
    • Clay
    • Polymer Balls
    • Cloth
    • Pebbles

    The dependent variable(s):
    Height of the Plant, Size of the Plant, Amount of leaves on the Plant

    The constants are:
    • Size of cup
    • Amount of sunlight exposed to plants
    • Type of plant(Green Bean plant)
    • Amount of water
    • Amount of Plant Base

      B.    HypothesIs

      Rainwater and normal soil would be the best combination

      C.    Description in detail of method or procedures

      Equipment list:
      1. 72 Identical Peas
      2. 6 Syringes
      3. 36 Identical plastic cups (Use as pots)
      4. 6 Different kinds of plant base(sand, Soil, cloth, pebble, Polymer Balls, Clay)
      5. 6 Different kinds of water(Tap water, rain water, salt water, carbonated water, boiled water, Distilled water.)
      6. Air
      7. Sunlight
      8. 6 Bottles of listed water

      • Procedures:
      1. Fill 6 cups with Soil
      2. Fill 6 cups with Sand
      3. Fill 6 cups with Polymer balls
      4. Fill 6 cups with Cloth
      5. Fill 6 cups with Pebble
      6. Fill 6 cups with Clay
      7. Dig hole in each cup about 1 cm deep
      8. Place 2 germinated seeds without cotton wool into hole
      9. Bury the seed
      10. Damp each kind of soil with Tap Water
      11. Damp each kind of soil with Boiled Water
      12. Damp each kind of soil with Carbonated Water
      13. Damp each kind of soil with Salt Water
      14. Damp each kind of soil with Rain Water
      15. Damp each kind of soil with Distilled Water
      16. Use ruler to measure daily progress
      17. Collect the data and tabulate it
      18. Compare the data
      19. See which is the fastest growing green bean plant

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